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Affordable Learning Ohio

What is Affordable Learning Ohio?

Affordable Learning Ohio is OhioLINK's series of initiatives to lower the cost of college for Ohio higher education students by assisting our member libraries and campuses in identifying strategies for Open and Affordable Learning textbook and course material adoption, and helping locate statewide shareable library materials as well as open educational resources that are no cost or lower cost to students.  If you have any questions about Affordable Learning Ohio, please contact Anna Bendo at

Some highlights of Affordable Learning Ohio

  • OhioLINK Open Course Content Library.  Explore our library of open education resources curated and created by Ohio faculty and join our network of educators dedicated to curriculum improvement and collaboration.
  • Ohio Affordable Learning Campus Initiatives Guide. Learn more about the affordable learning initiatives being pursued at Ohio colleges and universities. If you have a campus initiative that you'd like to promote, we'd be happy to add it; please contact Anna Bendo at
  • A-Z Affordable Learning Database  Search a growing list of resources for affordable learning materials to use in the classroom. These materials are both Open Access, Open Educational, and OhioLINK licensed resources that are no cost to Ohio higher education students.

  • OhioLINK Affordable Learning Ambassadors.  Meet the librarians and instructors who coordinate OhioLINK's Open Textbook Network awareness and advocacy initiatives regarding open educational resources (OER) and open textbooks.

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